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opened fire on the wrong truck in torrance thinking waits dorner, wounding two innocent women today. >> it's intense. it's a volatile situation. the suspect is armed and dangerous and shows a tendency to shoot when confronted. >> based on the manifesto and more people named in it, extra lapd officers are protecting 40 locations whether other possible targets live. >> thank you. as mentioned the face book page includes this 7-year-old photo of him with former police chief william bratton. the picture used in an lapd article about officer who's serve in the military. oakland city council agreed to hire bratton as a consultant for the police department. >> stay with abc 7 news for any breaking developments in this story. >> you can also follow us on twitter and we're updating breaking news on abc 7
4:01 pm you can get updates on the smart phone by down loading and opting for a push notification. >> vallejo police looking for two men who shot a family of three inside of their home this morning. police say the men were wearing hoods when kicking in the front door of a house on mcdougle street around 3:00 a.m. a brother, sister and mother were shot. after waking up to find the men inside of the home. police dmot have a detailted suspect description at this point. >> not sure why they were targeted but at this point we're treating it as a random attack. >> they don't look like rich people or people that would have a lot of money. they could have chose any house. i don't understand. >> the brother sister and mother were all taken to the hospital. they're all recovering. >> the san jose mother made up a story about a stranger trying to kidnap her 2-year-old daughter is facing a misdemeanor charge!@ç÷ jennifer arajo turned herself in. she is accused of falsely
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reporting a crime. she admitted it was a lie after police alerted media and released a sketch. >> sky 7 hd was over the tree that was down in oakland today just off highway 13. >> branches blocked one northbound lane of traffic for a few hours, most area saw light scattered showers today. >>e&gu and more rain is on the way. >> right. yes. most rain we've seen occurred in morning hours. a nice break of weather during mid day hours, but now, looking at doppler 7 hd we can see weather developing off shore, let's take a look. south of sea ranch towards clover dale south ward towards fort ross this, is pushing inland.ñzlrñ more intense activity over the ocean waters which is where this weather is going to develop. rainfall totals have been
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below a tenth of an inch. san francisco had one tenth of an inch. wet spot with just over three tenths of an inch. they will increase because more showers are on the way. you can see developing showers here over the ocean i should add there may be thundershowers and snow levels dropping below 3,000 feet during late night and overnight hours. i'll give you the possibility of that occurring later on in the accu-weather forecast. >> city as cross the bay area reporting a surge in the theft of electronic autos in san francisco a hearing took place to discuss what law enforcement is doing and what you need to do to protect yourself and your smart phone. >> you know back in the day, petty thieves used to snatch gold chains now targeting these, half robberies in san francisco are cell phones.
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hello, sir. i can see you. but you don't see me. we've become a nation tightly tethered to our electronic devices and that inattention opens the door to a crime of opportunity. >> you've got me thinking i want to put this here. >> are you careful with the phone? >> i try to be. i saw someone in starbucks get a phone snatched. i try to be. >> san francisco has seen a spike in the theft of electronics. police broke up a fencing ring netting scores of cell phones and lap tops. the supervisor called a hearing today to get an update on prevention strategize we can't expect people to never use phones in public or not to carry phones or ipad was them. that is reality of modern life wex need to be careful and to make sure we're going after criminal autos the police department says it's doing
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everything it can. >> in terms of researching stolen property and trying to identify to see if there are trends pointing to individuals who are responsible. >> the d.a.says it's pursuing 400 cases related to cell phone theft involving both adults and juveniles. muni says last year, 399 people like this woman had their phone snatched. many victims weren't paying attention. so the mta rolled out an awareness campaign and now asking fare inspectors to give phone shall targets a heads up. >> we found that has been successful and just having contest with passenger autos everyone agrees owners have to do their part. >> i don't wear my ears anymore. >> they're in the preliminary
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stages about technology disabling cell phones or options making them less valuable to thieves. >> police looking for a man who stole a police van. he managed to slip his handcuffs to his front then took off. he ditched the van and was in custody for violating probation. protection seized thousands of rounds of ammo from a shipment at the port of oakland. the ammo and vehicle and a camery were seized late last month. ammo is worth about, and the cars are worth about $45,000 and vehicles belong to a resident whose name has not been released.
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>> right now, san francisco muni workers are inspecting switch cover plates on cable car lines to prevent more bolts from coming loose%a. that cause aid car to stop abruptly injuring a crew and passengers. muni says it will do pressure tests on these bolts. >> northeast bracing for a major winter storm that could bring tw seat of snow to places that haven't seen sig can't vaifl. >> forecasters say most of the southern new england area could get hit with anywhere from 18 to 24 inches of snow. new york city expecting four six inches of snow. a jet blue flight has also been canceled. >> still ahead on abc 7 news
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at 4:00 microsoft ramps up efforts to lure away g mail users. >> investigators identified a cause of the he can electrical fire autos what officers were caught on video(&éñ doing. >> a sixth grammy nomination for a city college teacher. what inspire his music. >> and taking a look at the san francisco skyway, it's slow going for drivers tryingk+ñ to head east. perhaps just better for drivers towards peninsula and beyond. stay with us. stay with us. abc 7 news well, well, well.
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investigators say they've found a short circuit in the battery of a grounded 787 dream liner jet. this comes as the plane completed a flight from texas to washington state this morning. investigators looking into two separate fires involving the lithium batteries and say they've zeroed in on one cell. >> cell six has signs of short circuiting resulting in thermal run away in this cell. it then cascaded to other cells in the battery. >> mtsb says the government
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should reconsider the kind of batterieds used in the and six are owned by united air lines. the only u.s. carrier with the dream liner in its flight. >> linkedn push to engage users apparently paying off. >> emily chang is here with this afternoon's after the bell report. hi, emwe yily. >> good afternoon. linkedn push to keep job seekersm?ces its site with new features is delivering big rewards. this site reports probables nearly doubled and saw revenue jump 83% as membership grew. and popular franchise sky landers in call of duty found act yivision boost sales. net income up 258% to $354
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million. it's helped keep sales strong as more gamers turn to mobile. back in november, black ops two became the quickist video game to make the 1dzs billion sales mark. blackberry adding two new members to the board of directors including richard lynch and burtoçs÷ norberg. the company says sales of its d 10 smart phones are off to a strong start. air b and b showing big growth saying the number of listings more than doubled last year to more than 300,000. air b and b says three million people used the service last year alone. this company did not reveal anything about how much money it's making.
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earnings and concerns about the european debt crisis. microsoft is launching new attack candidates against google as part of the skroogeled campaign accusing google of reading through user e mails to tailor ads to them, and hope the move will scare people away from g mail. google says no human, ever reads user e mails. >> emily, thank you. >> a florida police department proving it will not tolerate bad he haifor. miami dade county police officer says it fired two officers and a sargent after they were videotaped ignoring calls. the department monitored officers two years, check out this video here, one on duty officer doesn't budge when a
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call comes in for an unconscious 5-year-old. its his supervisor sitting next to him. >> honestly not going doesn't cross your mind. it's not about being a bad cop it's being a bad human being. >> according to a police investigation that was launched in 2013 -- 2010, the same officer videotaped with his girlfriend on duty on numerous occasions. the department says he also was videotaped while officers were shopping and visiting family outside of the district. the fired officers are appealing to try to get jobs back. >> they gathered two years worth of evidence seems kind of... >> compelling. >> yes. >> let's turn our attention to weather. >> interesting stuff going on here, after aite day. there is some active weather going on here, here is our
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mount tam camera, innocent-looking sky at the moment. broken clouds around, lots of blue. clouds moving south and bringing precipitation with them. you can see more weather up in the north bay now moving into parts of sonoma county beginning to sweep south ward. more active weather off shore preparing to move onshore. and right now we're looking at temperatures mainly into 50s. 55 in oakland. 54, san jose. showers likely to continue tonight. they'll be scattered not wide spread. thunderstorms possible during overnight hours, over ocean waters, snow levels dropping below 3,000 feet. and beach hazard still in effect through saturday morning. high tides of the month andñí<
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wave heights of, i should say tide heights9dúph 6.8 feet respectively. passage of an earlier front fairly week one, brought us light showers, more showers around this low pressure system to our northwest this, next impulse or wave of weather will bring us wetter weather tonight and overnight. we'll see showers moving to the south bay z east bay. later into night time hours and overnight hours. then, the front or the system continues to sweep south ward and eastward. more showers into rater morning hours, it would be wet for morning commute but showers taper off quickly. r::@wclrsçñikzici mainly over ocean waters if there is a storm or two it may not affect land areas by 5:00 in the after&0pthe noorng we'll look at rainfall totals probably not more thn a
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quarter inch, maybe up to three-tenths of an inch in the south bay. sierra, winter weather in effect until 1:00, 10:00 rather. accumulation up to three inches most of the central sierra. bay area tonightf[n5 lows mainy into 30s inland. highs into low to mid-50s. another cool day but will be drying out after early morning showers. drier, milder over thedh.$c weekend. drier much milder next week. we do have a threat of showers overnight tonight. and again, we'll see snow atop higher bay area peaks. most people have to go way up tie to find them. >> thank you. >> up next, unfortunately having to pay up on capitol hill. california senators make good on super bowl bets.
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>> and then after 4:30 caring for orphanned bears. a couple gives these animals a second chance.
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it's not often senators have to eat their words but that is what happened for california's top legislatures. they paid up on their super
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bowl.y(#÷ food bet to maryland's two senators. napa valley chardonnay, sour dough bread and yummy cheese were among goodies, plus one more. >> it's real crab. it's called dungeness crab caught a few days ago in a trap off of the golden gate bridge.á> not like the kind of crab served back east. the senator snapped the crab in two. her counter part promised to perform a victory dance out of sight of photographers i imagine he'll be doing the ray lewis thing. >> justin timberlake takes on a new challenge. >> oscars just over two weeks away.
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yesterday berning about avengers cap and now, more stars. and for the first time actors channing tatum, joseph gordon levitz and daniel radcliff will appear on the show go. to to make your oscar picks. back to the red carpet for the premier of "beautiful creatures" many think could be the next "twilight". >> it's a twisted coming of age lf story. two young mem coming from different sides of the social spectrum. >> found familiar it? opens on valentine's day. the world of music we've learned justin timberlake joined forces with bud light platinum. now the brand's creative director. timberlake releasing a new album next month.
4:24 pm
just yesterday he tweeted this picture of the cover. and for more picture goes to >> still ahead are people ready to raise their taxes again? why the mayor is planning to ask them to do just that tonight. plus... >> on treasure island before you drive on the new bay bridge how about a stroll ñfd:pg francisco? start training now, you'll be able to do that if you want to. we'll explain coming up live. >> a girl gets honored for her lemonade stand. >> i'm michael finney. going the distance. tips how to make your car last 200,000 mile
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planning for the new bay bridge opening celebration going on in earnest now it
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will close over labor day weekend in a public celebration is in the works but it's going to take a lot of money. >> heather. >> there are two major pieces of celebrations planning on logistics that will almost certainly be paid for with public funding and money your toll money. other piece is the fun part, the party. and it will be paid for with private funding before new bay bridge opens for traffic it will be closed to finish up construction projects. and on sunday and monday, the public will be invited onto the bridge for a walk.3amí there may bekk a bike ride ana concert on treasure island. they estimated $5.6 million
4:29 pm
for basics. toll authority wants to avoid the near disaster of the celebration where 300,000 people standing on the bridge threatened to bring it down. next week they will decide whether to approve spending that on the same company that did the giants victory parade to provide transportation and public safety. the rest of the fund raising will be up to a nonprofit formed last year for that purpose. >> this is not just once in a lifetime but a once opportunity. >> 280,000 folk who's use the bridge every day and who have been waiting deserve a couple days to celebrate this. >> that $5.6 million will be
4:30 pm
construction project budget that had what is called a contingency part of the program. and so that is where that money would come from. the bay bridge alliance, private funding nonprofit they think they would need between 400,000s skpdz $500,000. >> and we're counting down the days, 207 days to go. stay with awc 7@@@p news for latest updates as construction continue autos san jose mayor chuck reed will deliver his state of the city address. one goal is to give long delayed pay raises to workers but are people willing to tax themselves more to pay for
4:31 pm
that? >> the mayor says things are improving despite many challenges a rising crime rate and how to create more jobs. during his state of the city address the mayor talks about plans to support services and restore pay to workers. to do that, a sales tax increase is needed. >> we have to go to the ballot to get permission. we've done polling. >> it shows 70% of voters may support an increase, but only 57% favor a half percent hike. joe qlopz works for a company that contracts with the city and likes any idea that may help him keep his job. >> we are paying too much. >> we found another hike could
4:32 pm
be a very tough sell. >> people reaching the point they just get tired of knit general. i'm for my fellow man and community but enough is enough. >> it may help the picture but the mayor says it does not go far enough. the state of the city address á >> bay area unions say mayor reed needs a reality check. and says the leadership has been devicive creating problems with any plan for the city future its important if you're trying to raise taxes for the city and city services to make sure have you built bridges and gained support necessary tro get a tax increase this, mayor failed to do that. >> field says the mayor has no economic development plans for the city and blames cuts to
4:33 pm
the police department for the recent increase in crime in san jose. >> san francisco district attorney has a new hot line victims of the sex trade or people forced into labor can call for help. the district attorney recognized a 9-year-old who set up a lemonade stand raising 150,000ses today fight human trafficking but has bigger plans than that. >> we're planning to borrowojó freeing slaves. >> hot line will be staffed by workers that will make sure workers get help. launched her hello kitty doll into space.
4:34 pm
standing up for a little boy. >> from east bay hills looking south we can see just broken clouds like blue skies. conditions are wetter. >> another view right now this is traffic on interstate 80. it's sluggish but looking sunny, and nice for the moment. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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waiter who stood up for a boy with down's syndrome. the boy and his classmates performed a song today. garcia refused to serve a man seat add cross from mileo and his mother who made remarks about having special needs children at the restaurant. >> this is so overwhelming i don't feel like i deserve this, this is amazing. this is it. these posters mean more to me2]p than anything else. >> we heard he's able to come here, we wanted to celebrate that. he is our hero this, is what the world needs more of. >> and garcia had a gift, too. he brought them a check for 8dp,> money given to him by vaimpkers touched by the decision to do the right thing. >> terrific guy. >> move on to get a check of the forecast. >> there is a look at weather becoming more active. take a look you can see some
4:38 pm
cells out to sea here moving eastward towards western sonoma county and into marin county. so wet weather developing right now santa rosa moving towards novato we're going to get more shower activity as tomorrow looking at all kinds of weather conditions in the northeast. through the mid section, sunny, mild and dri. there is snow across the great basin. a look at closer conditions here in california. we'll see a wide range from drig out up north to showers moving down into southern california. to snow over in the central sierra. and here is in the bay area tomorrow, after maybe a showery start into morning hours we'll see partly sunny
4:39 pm
skies by afternoon. not going to get very mild but will get dry. highs only into low to mid-50s. milder weather over the weekend0:x.2a >> quite a night here, spencer. >> it's called winter. >> yes. >> that is what sit. q-ú goes gangnam style and a girl sends hello kitty into space. >> thank you.o7uwz a look at the day's hottest videos blowing up on the tubes. there is a 12-year-old launching her hello kitty doll she got inspired after seeing a weather balloon launch and
4:40 pm
created her own version. all told it took a month of planning to execute and help of colorado high altitude science. the video received over 350,000 views, pretty g up next obsession with gangnam aç has spread to fa. i know. here is a young fan waking up just to get to a new favorite song. >> how cute is this? it's the biggest you tube video in history. the first video ever to reach a billion views. and show nose signs of slowing down. the video will soon hit 1.3 billion mark. and he was seen performing in a super bowl ad. that will do it for today's hottest trending videos. see you next time, bay area. >> thank you. >> coming up on abc 7 news at
4:41 pm
6:00 you'll hear from lauren rojas about that hello kitty project. i'm trying to figure out how many cameras were attached. >> i know. we'll have answers coming up at 6:00. >> yes. point of view camera? view of the ground? high tech. orphanned bears a couple helping these animals get back into the >> a way to save money is holding on to your car long yerk i'll have tips to
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winter usually a slow time fr a wild live rescue center there are more orphanned black bear cubs than ever before. good news is that they're healthy. >> you may remember these guys. last summer they were taken from a man trying to sell them this, cub found near al pib pine meadows see resort. her mother killed by a hunter using dog autos she was hungry, cold. and had been hit by a car and was limping. >> in the wild they'd die
4:45 pm
without others. they ended up here at lake tahoe wildlife care. this is also cheryl and tom's home them take care of animals but now they've got their hands full with bears they get four cubs per year. thon day there are 10. seven hibernating snuggled in buildings in the backyard. cameras show them snoozing peacefully. >> which is good. >> other cubs are wake in this cage. it's almost feeding time. first, cheryl cleans up thew÷w7 floor. the cubs peek down from the platform. >> bears are more afraid of us than we are of them them have a fear of humans. we want to keep that fear. >> cubs stay up on the platform as long as people are around. >> they came in at 11, 12 and 20 pounds. if we put them into have filled them. >> they're still too small to hibernate.
4:46 pm
this facility requires cages lined with chain link because bears are good climbers. >> they use both teeth and claws and are just remarkable. >> cubs brought here from around the state. a famous patient was lil smoky@. they get help from a team of veterinarians. they go through huge puckits of fruit and vegetables. >> they were costing(yí7÷ us $1a peek. we've -- week. >> the food is scattered on the floor then live cameras into the office show cubs coming down to eat. >> they're gaining weight perfect so they can be released in april. >> in california it's ill tlol shoot a mother bear with cubs
4:47 pm
and starting january 1 a state law made it illegal to use dogs to hunt bears. animalv.é1w offers hope what tht means fewer mother bears shot by mistake and fewerap# cubs lt as orphanned. >> nonprofits relie on donations if you want to help click on see it on tv. >> an announcement involving robin roberts. she's set toókgo return to the anchor death february 20th five months to the day since undergoing a bone marrow transplant to treat her rare blood disorder. she's been reletters hersing to get ready and now has all clear from doctors. days per week. >> i think she was in manes for the super bowl but did not really do public appearances. she's trying to get her strength back.
4:48 pm
>> it's great to have her back, though. >> reaching 100,000 miles in a car is not unheard of. how about 200,000 miles and beyond. >> tips how to make those older cars last. >> cheap rent no car payments. these days people looking for anyway to stretch a dollar. one way can be by holding on to cars longer according to pressure average vehicle is nearly 11 years old. consumer reports can help you go the distance saving you some big bucks. >> i am the first owner and will be the last. >> when aerial bought his camera, he never imagined getting 226,000 miles. >> i didn't know it would get this far, but it did. >> this expert says people
4:49 pm
often are not aware of the long term benefits. >> if you hit 200,000 miles it takes about 15 years you can potentially save $30,000. >> you need to shop for a car you can live with. >> make sure it fits your life style. don't compromise on features like safety features. like electronic stability control. >> be sure to pick a swrek a reliable track record. thenl,ñ stick to the schedule maintenance. >> don't waste on maintenance you don't neechld many vehicles can go 10,000 miles on an oil change. >> don't skip on parts. trying to save on cheap parts and flood fluids can cost you in the long run. listen to sounds that get
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small things fixed. >> the car starts every day that. is what you want in a car. get in it, and go. >> some day it will be time to part ways. consumer reports says if you're facing repair that will cost more than the car is worth for it starts to be unreliable with frequent repairs it may be time say bye bye. you can find more information on our web site. check it out under see it on tv. we like when he says it's starts every day. >> yes. >> you can pay me now or later right? >> thank you. >> sure. >> coming up nextwç'n is the sih time the charm? >> a teacher nominated for a grammy, again. >> coming up at 5:00 turning financial screws on california gun owners proposal requiring
4:51 pm
them to get extra insurance. and from candy and flowers, it's not too late to create a personalized date
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4:54 pm
such a straight grate story. a teacher has been nominated for a grammy award and it's not his first. >> yes this, is his sixth nomination. he says it's inspiration to produce music comes from teaching latin american studies. >> greg is a city college and the elements mixing
4:55 pm
spanish music styles.u4+ >> he produced a cd performed by a group that was good enough to earn a grammy nomination ingj5) the category f best mexican regional music. >> no productions won we feel an honor to be nominated. >> landow says he uses knowledge of music to teach about the history and art of latin america. he points out all of the elements are embedded in this mural by mexican artist diego rivera. >> music is a reflection, a way of honoring ancestors the same way this fuses and looks at fusion and way this comes
4:56 pm
together. >> in city college abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> burned out truck of an accused accused cop killer found but no sign of the gunman. latest on the expolice officer's man festo. >> live doppler 7 tracking showers now. it's about to become active. i'll have the timing of when you might see thunder and snow coming up. >> and a cosmic bullet about to head our way. will mother earth dodge it?
4:57 pm
>> a manhunt under way for a former los angeles police officer being called a cop killer. the search is in the big bear area. the 33-year-old christopher dorner is on the run accused of killing three people. good evening. >> thousands are looking for dorner at this hour. he wrote a manifesto saying he was angry about being fired. >> this stretch as cross california to nevada including arizona and mexico. fbi says dorner was not found when authorities served a warrant at his home, within the hour san bernardino county sheriffs didq'd confirm a burned out truck found in the mountains belongs to dorner. he was not in the vehicle and
4:58 pm
officers say he's armed and dangerous with weapons including an assault rifle. >> of course he knows what he's doing, we've trained him. it's extremely worry some and scary. he was once one of them. now, the lapd is$ueñ calling christopher dorner a domestic terrorist. accused of killing three people, one, a fellow officer. he warned the deadly shooting rampage in a manifesto on his facebook page. he writes violence of action will be high. will bring unconventional warfare to those in lapd uniforms whether on, or off duty. his targets are police officers and families. revenge killings for what he claims was wrongful termination from lapd after reporting abuses in 2008. >> it's multiple weapons including assault rifle autos police say the murder spree started sunday.
4:59 pm
28-year-old monica quon and her fiancee shot to death in their dar car. her father is a retired lapd captain turned lawyer representing dorner when he was accused of making false accusations against the lapd. a chilling passage reads i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own. i'm terminating yours. late last night, police say dorner then tide up an elderly man and tried to steal his boatnx'tñ in san diego county. then, early this morning they say the 33-year-old shot two officers in riverside, killing one, and seerly injuring another. >> the suspect was out of a vehicle and started to shoot at the officer autos searching for dorner, l.a. officers mistakenly opened fire on the wrong truck in torrance and wounded two innocent women today. also

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